Our Approach

We aim to provide a first class gutter cleaning service solving the problem of blocked and overflowing gutters. We are able to work to heights of 40 foot with our gutter vac system but are just as happy to clean the gutters on a bungalow.

Our Story

After owning Central Window Cleaners for the last 20 years I have now decided to concentrate on the gutter cleaning side of the business whilst Mark continues to run the window cleaning. Gutter cleaning has always been a popular add on service at Central Window Cleaners, however, with the change in the weather that we now experience we are asked more often to carry out gutter cleaning with many of our customers having them done twice a year. We seem to experience more extreme rainfall and heavy downpours that flood blocked guttering causing water to overflow. Our aim is to be able to respond quicker to our customers needs.

Next Steps...

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