Gutter Protection Products

Naturally we would recommend having your gutters cleaned out at least once a year and even twice if you live in an area with overhanging trees. However, if you wish to invest in gutter protection products to prolong the intervals between cleaning we have listed some ideas below. We have also included our own personal thoughts on the drawbacks we have come across over the last 20 years if appropriate.


The Gutter Ball/Balloon

This little device sits snugly in the top of your gutter downpipe and should prevent leaves and moss from blocking the pipe. Made of plastic they are flexible and non corroding. These can be bought at Amazon uk. Find out more here

Cons: Inevitably leaves and moss gather around the ball and eventually block it up so it does have to be cleaned.


Hedgehog Gutter Guard

If your home is surrounded by trees, the build-up of leaves and twigs in your gutters and drains can cause blockages and unnecessary damage. The Hedgehog is 100mm in diameter x 4 metre's long as standard and will fit the majority of gutter profiles. Find out more here

Cons: I have seen these covered in moss that has fallen off the roof and completely covered the Hedgehog causing a congealed mess. The only option then is to remove it and brush it clean.


Gutter Mesh

Gutter Mesh is just the thing for preventing leaves and debris from clogging gutters and drainpipes. Manufactured from PE material so it doesn't rust or corrode this gutter mesh is easy to install. Maintains water flow and reduces Blocking and Clogging in roof gutters. Find out more here.

Cons: Good product for dispersing dry leaves but when wet can stick to the mesh as does moss. Similar problems to the gutter guard.